01. It'll take Sophie a while to [accustom] herself to her new life in the university dormitory.
02. Since getting married, Liane has had to get [accustomed] to her husband's busy work schedule.
03. I'm not really [accustomed] to getting up so early on the weekends. At home I could sleep in until noon.
04. The hardest thing for our students to get [accustomed] to with their host families is the food.
05. Many people think they can become [accustomed] to long periods of little sleep without any consequences, but it is not true.
06. My son did his chores with [unaccustomed] enthusiasm after I told him I would pay him $5 an hour.
07. It took Marco about a year to become [accustomed] to our cold winters.
08. During a certain stage of culture shock, people are often afraid that they will never become [accustomed] to the new culture.
09. Our cat is [unaccustomed] to going outside, so she always runs upstairs when we open the front door.
10. Helen Rowland once suggested that a man can become so [accustomed] to the thought of his own faults that he will begin to cherish them as charming little personal characteristics.
11. A Mexican proverb states that he who is [accustomed] to evil is offended by good.
12. Once you become [accustomed] to the heat, you will be able enjoy the life here.
13. It always takes people time to [accustom] themselves to changes in their routine.
14. We are not [accustomed] to being treated so rudely. In my country, people would never make us wait like this.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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